Ricki's Payment Methods


For your convenience, Rickis.com accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa / Mastercard
  • Visa Debit
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Ricki’s Gift Cards
Your payment will be processed at once after your order is placed. We want to ship your new wardrobe items as soon as possible!


Your privacy and security is important to us. That’s why all credit card information submitted during checkout is encrypted when communicating with the bank and we do not store your credit card information on our servers*

* You do have the ability to store your credit card information for future purchases, but you must agree to do so and enter your information voluntarily on the ‘My Account’ page.


Sometimes, credit card payments fail, seemingly without reason. Before calling your credit card provider, please review this list of common issues:

  • The expiry date – It may have been entered incorrectly or perhaps your card has expired and you have received a new card with a new expiry date.
  • The account number - There may have been an error in entering the credit card numbers. Most cards have a 16-digit number. Please check to ensure that the number has been entered correctly.
  • The CVC / Security Code – This security code is found on the back of your credit card and is a 3-digit number. If the code is missing or entered incorrectly, the payment will not be processed.
  • The Billing Address – Making an error in your billing address may also cause the payment to fail. Your address must be entered in the exact same way as it is written on your credit card statement. (Note: If you have a unit or suite number that is listed on a separate line from the street address on your credit card statement, it must be entered the same way on our site.)

If all your billing information looks correct, and your order still has not been processed, please contact your credit card provider for further assistance. You may also try a different credit card, or you can try one of the other alternate payment methods.

You can now use your Ricki's Gift Cards online! If you have more than one of our gift cards, you can use them in succession to complete your purchase. It’s easy! Simply select the ‘Gift Card’ payment option at checkout and follow the steps. If you want to use a gift card in conjunction with a credit card to pay for your order, be sure to enter your gift card as your first method of payment at checkout before entering your credit card information. Please note that for transactions where a gift card is chosen as payment, the funds will be withdrawn from the gift card balance immediately after you place your order.


To use PayPal as a payment method, select ‘PayPal’ as your payment option on the "Billing" page. You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can confirm your payment. After your PayPal payment has been completed, you will be brought back to Ricki’s site to confirm your order.
Please note that while we offer our customers the flexibility to pay for their order using a PayPal account, the information provided to PayPal’s site for billing and shipping is populated from the information gathered on Ricki’s website. We do encourage our customers to always ensure that the information is correct on the order review page, prior to placing your order – as it is able to be edited at any point in the check-out process.


Applicable taxes will be applied to total merchandise ordered (GST and PST where applicable; HST where applicable). Taxes are charged based on the shipping address of your order. Where the law requires it, tax will also be applied to the shipping charge. We do not offer tax exemptions for age or status on our website. Please visit your nearest Ricki's store to make a purchase with tax exemptions. Due to tax rounding, the PST, GST and/or HST amount that appears on your billing statement may be slightly different than the amounts shown on your confirmation email and invoice. (Rounding up or down to the nearest five cents.)


Orders are subject to verification and acceptance before shipping. We are not responsible for typographical errors that are made by the customer when entering shipping information online.


Occasionally we'll send out promotional codes to our Fashion+Friends members, email subscribers, and/or in-store customers. Don't miss out on these extra savings opportunities!

Promotional codes let us know that an exclusive offer should be applied to your order. Promotional codes may have special conditions or restrictions so double-check the code details in the email you received about it.

After you've added some items to your shopping bag and are ready to checkout, enter your promotional code in the space provided on the "my shopping bag" page. Once you've entered the promotional code and clicked "apply" you will see a message confirming that the promotional code has been applied to your order. If there is any problem with the promotional code you've entered, an error message will let you know how to fix the problem before you can continue to check out.

On occasion, you may be able to enter more than one promotional code for an order:

  1. Enter the first promotional code, and click "apply".
  2. Next, enter the second promotional code and click "apply".
  3. Complete your checkout process

Not all promotions can be combined. If you enter promotional codes that cannot be combined, we will apply the one that works out the best for you, and you can save the unused promotional code for another order.


You may be charged a separate pre-authorization hold at the time of your purchase on Rickis.com. This hold is temporary and will be returned back to your payment method within 5-10 days. The pre-authorization hold is a standard procedure to ensure there is sufficient funds to complete the transaction.