Types of Women’s Jeans
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Measure Your Favourite Pair of Jeans

Here’s another tip: Measure your current favourite pair of jeans to help you find a better match in store.

Use a tape measure and start with the waist and inseam measurements. If you want to get even more detailed, you can also measure the leg openings and rise. 

Does a tape measure feel too tedious? There are shortcuts.  

Some say that if you fasten the button and wrap the jeans around your neck, then the waist fit will be perfect. Another version of this: if your elbow to fist can fit snugly inside the fastened waistband, it’s going to fit your waist like a glove.  

See if these shortcuts work for your favourite jeans or play around and come up with your own corresponding measurements. This can help you narrow down what you try on in store

Jean Fits or Leg Shapes

The leg shape of jeans defines decades and personal styles. That doesn’t mean you have to feel bound to a certain shape, but understanding the connotations and fits of each cut on of the denim spectrum can help inform your choices.  

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